Heads Up Everyone!   Take a look at these great ornaments.  Super as a memento or gift.

Hey, look at the great ornaments we now have for sale in limited quantity. They are beautiful and look great hanging on a Christmas tree, in a shadow box, or on a shelf or mantle. Get your's today, $15 and our meetings or events, or add an additonal $4 for s/h and send your check or money order to Sun River Valley Historical Society, P O Box 155, Sun River, MT 59483.
Ornament measure 1 13/16 x 2 13/16

Wonderful Reading!

We have an excellent selection of fine books for sale.  To order books, please send your request and check or money order to:  SUN RIVER VALLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY,  P.O. Box 155, Sun River, MT 59483. 

Postage is included in the following prices.

Sun River Valley History II Hardcover, published in 2014.  Hundreds of stories of families and history of the Valley.    This book is available on Ebay. Now  $50.00

A Pictorial History of the SUN RIVER VALLEY,  Hardcover, published in 1988.  $35.00

Special Offer  Order both above books for $70 plus $10 s/h

Pioneer Women by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith.  Softcover,  $20.00

Frontier Children by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith.  Softcover.   $20.00

Strength of Stone by Diane Elliott.  $20.00

Full-Court Quest by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith. 1904 World Champion Indian Girls Basketball Team.  $20.00

The U. S. Army in Frontier Montana by Ronald Rockwell.  Softcover.   $20.00

Indian Diaries from the Fort Shaw Indian School  Paperback,  $20.00

The Cascade County Album, Our History Images.  Cascade County Historical Society, Hardcover.  $20.00

Montana Women Homesteaders.  Softcover, 295 pgs.,  $20.00