Unofficial Summary of Feb. 2/5/18 Meeting                                             (See pictures below)

Sun River Valley Historical Society

This writing is prepared just to give a general summary of the meeting.  For a detailed accurate account show up at the next meeting for reading of the minutes of Secretary Dianne Sand.

Fifteen folks braved the poor visibility and snow packed roads to attend the meeting.  After reading of the minutes of our last meeting, and membership and treasurer’s reports, Burnette opened the meeting to general discussion and progress reports.

Randy Knowles has donated a 3-drawer file cabinet and will have a couple more to donate in the future.

Burnette reported on progress with the Memory Tower.  We have 54 bricks sold for the second wall, and need to sell 21 more to fill that wall.  If you would like to purchase a brick in memory or honor of someone special to you, to the Fort or the Valley, please order your brick now.  Bricks are $100, and can be engraved with 3 lines of up to 15 characters per line.  Samples of bricks and order form are on our website  There are also pictures of the first wall completed just in time for our celebration last summer.   We are planning to have a bench on the west side of the tower in honor of Dick Thoroughman.  A few different types of benches are under consideration.

Kermit has accomplished another feat of craftsmanship with a diorama of the Historic Cemetery.  He brought it today.  See pictures being posted today.  Thank you, Kermit, and congratulations on another fine job.  We had a general discussion of stories and facts related to the cemetery. Very interesting and a benefit of attending the meetings.

Don Ensley has made a shadow box to display many of the bullet slugs from Dick T’s collection.  Several other slugs were on display, including some donated by attendees of our 150th celebration.  Thanks Don and great job.  And thanks to all who donate.  Check out the pictures of these items..

We are in need of sandstone blocks for purpose of repairing wash house walls.  If you have or know of anyone having sandstone blocks, please get in touch with Burnette.

Burnette brought up for discussion, our having another celebration of lesser scale than our 150th in conjunction with the annual tour this coming summer.  After considerable discussion it was moved, seconded and passed to have the scaled down celebration along with the annual tour and to have it on the Sunday of Fun Days weekend.  We will have a planning meeting 1 hour prior to our regular meeting on March 5, 2018. Be sure to attend this meeting if you have ideas and/or wish to participate.

Earl Sheldon reported on his follow-up regarding the possibility of selling books or items online.  After discussion of the costs involved we decided it not prudent to pursue online selling at this time. 

Larry G. had a great selection of books out for loan from our lending library.  Door prizes were given out and refreshments provided. 

Be sure to come for our March 5th meeting to share your ideas and join our effort our effort to provide another fine celebration this coming summer.  See you there.

Watch for our spring newsletter in the mail this month.