This 1887 photo of Officers at Fort Shaw is courtesy of Wm. Haenn.  Thank you Bill!

Note:  See this photo with individuals identified at the bottom of Archival Photo Gallery II


January 2019

We had a nice well attended meeting at the Fort Shaw Community Center on Monday, January 7th.  The board of directors met before the regular meeting.  Don Ensley was elected to the director position vacated by the passing of Kermit Stanfield.  Burnette did a reading at the regular meeting honoring Kermit’s many self-initiated accomplishments such as building and prepping the new headboards for the cemetery, the dioramas, many signs and repairs, his many contributions, and unending devotion and dedication to the Society.  We will miss our friend always.

The final meeting of the 2018-1019 schedule has been moved from May 6th to May 13th.   

We discussed and agreed to announce effort to promote our members and non-member friends to remember the Society in their estate financial planning.  We will hand out information at meetings and post same on Facebook and our website.  We sincerely appreciate any consideration in this regard.

Bob Milford was congratulated for his recognition in the Great Falls Tribune and the award he will receive at Helena on 18th for his success in restoring the building he acquired at Fort Benton, how he has created interest of other businesses to make restorations of their own properties, and also for Bob’s ongoing effort to save the Adams Stone Barn.  Great going Bob!

John Bennett gave an interesting and extensive report on all the work he and Don Ensley have done at the Commanding Officer’s Quarters and our security and electrical systems.  Their hard work and dedication to detail shows up in grand style. 

Dorothy Tolefson brought and donated a 1908 map of the Fort Shaw Irrigation District.  It’s fascinating to study the layout.  I hope to post portions of the map if it will scan okay.  A great photo of Officers at Fort Shaw taken in 1887, that we received via website contact from Wm. Haenn of Texas, was passed around.  None of us present recalled seeing the photo before.  We plan to hang an enlargement in one of the quarters, and will likely post a copy online.

Ken Robison encouraged folks to attend the award ceremony at Helena Myna Loy Theater on January 18th, and especially the meeting of the Upper Missouri Heritage Area study group at the Black Eagle Community Center at 6 pm on January 30th.  The meeting on the 30th is an opportunity for local groups and organizations to give their ideas and suggestions for consideration.  Ken said, also, that he will report on ‘Frozen Hill’ at the next meeting, and clarify some of the various reports of the occurrence and the number of deaths incurred when Fort Shaw troops were caught in a spring blizzard.

Marie Hovland, with assistance of her daughter, provided a beautiful and enticing array of snacks for the meeting.  Folks could not resist sampling before and enjoying them after the meeting.  Several door prizes were given out.  Our next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 4th at the Fort Shaw Community Center.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.  We hope to see you there. 

Happy New Year to All!