January 8, 2018 Meeting

Sun River Valley Historical Society

We had a nice meeting today, with 20+ attending.  Kermit S. brought a beautiful new diorama that he’s put together this winter. He must have spent countless hours planning and scaling 1:20 the layout and buildings.  He has everything where it belongs, all painted and labeled.  Great job Kermit!  See pictures below. 

Larry G. put out the lending library with several new books added to the inventory. What a great benefit for members to pick them up and take their time reading without having to make a purchase.  Thanks to those who have donated books and to Larry dedication to maintaining the library.

Pres. Burnette covered several items during the meeting, informing us that the adobe wall repair is complete and the grant finalized.  John Bennett was voted in to take the Director position created by Dick Thoroughman’s passing.  John reported on the security lighting that he has installed at the Fort. I drove by and the lights are sleek looking and not the big bulky kind most of us are familiar with.  John reported that they are led lights and really light things up.  Interior wiring is hidden such to maintain appearance integrity.

Burnette announced that Ida Johnson has received the Heritage Award by the Montana Cowgirls Association.   Congratulations Ida!

Burnette reported that we have received several nice artifacts, and have sold many bricks for the next wall of the Memory Tower.  NOW is the time to order your bricks so they will be included on the next wall, with installation planned for next spring.

Jerry C. gave a nice presentation on his work of researching, identifying and labeling the bottles recovered at the Fort.  He used one of the 26 ounce mouth blown beer bottles to show us the details and procedure that went into the making of the bottles.  Though the bottles were blown by mouth, there were literally millions made and have been found at virtually all fort sites around the country.

Ken R. gave us an update on progress being made on the Upper Missouri Heritage Area.  We are fortunate that the Area is planned to include Sun River from the mouth up to Fort Shaw.  Good luck to Ken and all those working on the project.

Before adjourning we had discussion about the Facebook page and website.  We voted to move forward on getting the website secured so we can accept credit cards.  If financially feasible we’ll give it a five-month trial and then determine whether to continue.

We adjourned and door prizes were handed out and refreshments enjoyed.