Hooray!   I have my laptop working again.  Had nothing but black screen for the past 2 weeks.

We had a nice meeting when over 20 folks braved the weather and turned out on Monday, November 6th.   Burnette gave us an update on several items, including that the repair to the adobe wall at the Officer’s Quarters is almost complete.  She reported that she and Don were at the Arts and Crafts Fair at the Fort Shaw Community Center on Nov. 4th and sold several items.  Cheers to Burnette and Don, they do so much and are so faithful.  Burnette mentioned a few of the items we now have on sale at reduced prices. “Then and Now” book for $25  (out of print, limited available), 150th Anniversary T-shirts for $10, our big new book Sun River Valley History II for $50, and our commemorative coins for $15.

Rita gave the talk that she presented at our 150th celebration.  We didn’t have a chance to hear the talks that day.  Now we know why we received all the great feedback on Rita’s talk.  Good Job Rita – thanks!

We had great refreshments and door prizes. 

More pictures will appear on our website as soon as I can get it done.  See at the next meeting.