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October 2, 2027   Meeting           Sun River Valley Historical Society

Over 20 people braved the first winter storm of the season and came out for our meeting today.  Lots of news and discussion. 

President Burnette informed us and expressed appreciation that many interesting items of the Dick Thoroughman collection have been donated by Dick’s family.  Among the items, several of which were on display today (see photos), are maps, hats, various relics collected at the Fort, a chair used at the Fort, relics of Dr. Russell, a tin star that adorned the top of the Fort water tower, and the wedding dress of Dick’s grandmother. 

 Ida Johnson gave a report on the tour conducted last Saturday for about 40 people of the Portage Route L & C Chapter.  They took in many of the historical sites in the valley.  Burnette and Larry G. made presentations about the Fort to the group.  Ida expressed appreciation that the School administration opened the school for the convenience of the group.  Ida told us that Norma Ashby has informed us that there is a possible grant available for cemetery work.  We are on the list of organizations to apply.

Besides the many wonderful financial donations, including a recent generous donation by Bruce Parker, we have received several items from individuals, including an old rug beater and sickle grinder from Pat Click, and books from Don Ensley, just mention a few.

Burnette has received many maps, including those from Dick T’s collection.  We are in need of acid free storage for these and other historical items.

Burnette again expressed her appreciation for the hard work and donation of Collette Barnes.  Collette did an outstanding job of painting the Officers’ Quarters prior to our 150th Celebration.  Burnette and everyone present gave a big had to John Bennett for all the work he has done at the Fort.

Bob Milford reported that there are now over 40 J.C. Adams Barn members, and that the September 27th meeting at the Barn was a success.  Bob thanked Larry G. for his donation of a lawn mower.

We will have our commemorative coins on sale for $15 throughout the rest of 2017.  We also have our latest book, “Sun River Valley History II” on sale for $50, plus $10 s&h.

John B. will head a committee, along with Kermit S., Ken R., Don E., and Jim P. to review the Fort project needs and establish a list of priorities.

Lastly, we heard several stories of folks seeing and hearing ghosts in the Officers’ Quarters.  This is nothing new, as Frances Roe told in her book “Letters of an Officer’s Wife” of there being ghosts in the Quarters when she lived there when the fort was active.