Note: This is just a summary of notes I took at the meeting.  Secretary Dianne will read the official minutes at our next meeting.

We had a great meeting today, October 7, 2019 at the Fort Shaw Community Center.  Pres Burnette officiated the board meeting and shared lots of news.  She recently gave a tour to servicemen from the Canadian Military.  There is a tentative tour set up for an Oct. 30th tour for Canadian and British military personnel.  Also. in the works is a big ‘Skunkwagon’ car show with some 50 antique cars and around 100 participants planned for June 27, 2020.

 We’ve received nice donations of materials; 24 2x10’s from Johnson Madison Lumber Co., and 10 gallons of paint from the Sherwin Williams Co.. 

Burnette called the regular meeting to order after a break for refreshments following the board meeting.  After usual reports, John gave a report on progress at the fort and cemetery.  The Commanding Officers Quarters project is mostly completed and now John and Don are giving a lot of attention to the Officers’ Duplex.  They have also done a lot of work with improvements at the historic Military Cemetery.

Burnette introduced Cheryl Wagner who made a wonderful presentation of her program HENRY PLUMER, CALIFORNIA to MONTANA , and His Wrongful Assassination in Bannack.  Cheryl provide all with a great folder of information outlining her program, and asked all to keep an open mind as what we would be hearing and seeing would be a lot different from what we’ve heard and read over the years.  She has researched for the past couple years, has lots of reference and documentation to support her position. She took us through Henry Plumer’s life from childhood to his demise at the hands of the Vigilantes.  What an interesting life, with significant connection to the Sun River Valley.  The photos of slides shown below are just a portion of those shown and explained in her presentation.  If you get a chance, the presentation by Cheryl Wagner is very informative, interesting and well worth taking in.  Big thanks Cheryl for a great presentation.