SRVHS Meeting – September 9, 2019

Lots of news and discussion at today’s meeting. Burnette let us know of successful summer activities.  The bus tours were a success and requests for repeats in the future.  Nearly 200 attended the open-house tours conducted on Thursdays in July and August and the rummage was also successful.  Much needed financial support resulted from the activities.  Huge thanks to all who participated by volunteering, donating and attending! 

The dues, September to September, are now $25 for individual and $200 for lifetime memberships.

John gave an in-depth report on maintenance and upgrades.  John and Don have been very busy and productive throughout the summer.  Repairs and upgrades to the larder, kitchen and laundry of the Commanding Officer’s Quarters have brought the upgrading to that building to near completion.  Improvements and upgrades to the security system, upgrades to the cemetery, and installation of sign boards are complete.  Several people participated and contributed to the installation of the sign boards constructed by our dear Kermit Stanfield before his passing.  John and Don finished putting them together, Bonnie did graphics, Burnette and Don worked on them, Chuck Sheldon brought his equipment down from Simms and dug the holes for the posts and others also helped.  My hearing and note taking capabilities are limited so forgive me, please, if I’ve left some out.

A deputy sheriff is now living on the grounds. Cheers!  Hopefully we’ll have him visit at a meeting soon.

Big thanks to Albertson’s for donating water for summer activities and Sherwin Williams donating paint for the memory tower.

Ida brought several items to donate, including from antique knives to beautiful dolls.

Ken reported that a final meeting of the feasibility study of the Upper Missouri Heritage Area will take place this Friday at the restored theater at Belt, MT.  There will be tour of the restoration at 5:30 p.m..  Ken also mentioned that an important meeting of the MT Historical Society will take place in Helena on the 26th – 28th.  Watch for more information, which I’m sure Ken will provide.  Thanks Ken.

The next meeting of the Sun River Valley Historical Society is scheduled for October 7th.

This is just a summary of what I was able to take notes of.  Come to the next meeting to hear the complete minutes of the meeting by our efficient Secretary Dianne.